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Cosmetology School For Men: Is It A Good Career Choice?

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Traditionally, cosmetology is a career choice dominated by women, but traditions are made to be broken and these days, traditions are being blown to smithereens by enterprising, passionate and pioneering people, just like you. If you're a man and considering entering a cosmetologist school, don't let statistics or "tradition" stand in your way. This career choice could be the best decision you'll ever make, here's why:

More Men Are Becoming Customers At Salons

Increasingly, men are having their nails groomed at the same time and place they have their hair and beards trimmed. Although it might have seemed odd to some initially, this is now an accepted and expected occurrence. Why wouldn't men demand a highly polished look, just like women? For you, this likely means male customers have more relatability and will be more apt to request you when visiting the salon. You'd be a valuable asset at any spa and if you're in before many other male cosmetologists, you have a distinct advantage, which should mean more clients and higher pay.

Women Often Prefer A Man's Opinion Regarding Their Appearance

As an expert in hair and skin care, you'd be in the position to help people look better and for a lot of women, that's the ultimate goal in life. Many of them prefer the opinion of a man when it comes to how they look over that of other women, leaving you with yet another plus in accumulating a long list of clients seeking your services. Women have a certain way of sizing each other up and of offering opinions that suit themselves, rather than the person asking for advice. Your opinion, on the other hand, might be more trusted and that's why they'll come to you for it.

You Could Eventually Write Your Own Ticket

An experienced and sought after cosmetologist should eventually be able to make their own hours and set their own fees, especially after they've opened their own spa or salon. If this sounds like a goal you'd like to set for your own future, you'd be in the right field.

You'll Never Have A Bad Hair Day Again In Your Life

You're not just going to serve the whims and wishes of clients as a cosmetologist, you're going to be able to create amazing and stylish looks for yourself, too. You'll stand head-and-shoulders above the rest (both men and women) with your refined and professional appearance and there are many places that can take you in life, no matter what you're seeking.

This Field Is Booming!

As populations increase, so does the need for the professionals who help everyone to look better. Depending on the area you'd like to work in, the industry is projecting a 13% increase in the coming years, which should keep you in demand. Of course, if you're able to impress a lot of people and gather a good following, your job security is a given.

Cosmetology school for men isn't just a good career choice, it's a great one. Whether your old-fashioned neighbor (or family or friends or whoever) thinks so or not, there are many ways in which you can thrive as a cosmetologist, from high earnings to being in high demand with your clients. Besides, if it's what you really want, it's really what you should go for.